Canal Fitness Bulletin

April 20, 2009

Spring Promotion!

Hi all!

To help everyone get in shape for the summer months Canal Fitness is offering 2 spring promotions!  Any new members who sign up in the month of April for a year will receive 2 extra free months!  Current annual members can receive 2 extra months by bringing in a new member!  Please see the attached flyer for details (French only)!

Personal/Group Training

If you’re in need of a jumpstart, or some personal care, working with a personal trainer can be a very motivating and educational experience.  As Canal fitness establishes itself it is offering very affordable rates for personal training. These are:

Regular Trainer:
1 person:  $40 per 1 hour session, $25 for 30 minutes
Group:  2 people - $25 per person, 3 people - $20 per person

Junior Trainer (recently accredited):
1 person: $25 per session.  Junior trainers are followed by senior trainer.


Massage Therapy

Canal fitness is very pleased to announce the arrival of Julie Racine, a Massage Therapist who specializes in Kinesiotherapy.  Kinesiotherapy incorporates both traditional massage and stretching techniques for a longer lasting results. It is especially helpful for dealing with past injuries, or, simply to relax.  This type of massage is covered by insurance and Julie can provide you with a receipt.  Please book your appointment directly with Julie by calling:  514-574-5463 or toll free:  1-877-574-5462


$75 per 1 hour session,  $40 per 30 minute session

See you soon and have a nice day!à

Matt, Matt and Mélanie